Advocating for walkable, bikeable, inclusive, and transit-oriented communities as the most sustainable and equitable way for the Washington, DC region to grow and provide opportunities for all.

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RISE Prince George’s November meeting

Join us for a virtual general meeting of RISE Prince George's activists to take stock of what we've been working on and help us set next year's agenda. 

Ride On Reimagined Virtual Open House with MCDOT

Join us for a webinar on November 8 to learn more about the Ride On Reimagined draft network, and how you can share your thoughts on proposed changes!

Latest Happenings

Fairfax County: Recommendation against mandate for 36 foot wide streets in residential neighborhoods

Fairfax County is becoming a leader in addressing the challenges created by the patterns of suburban development through transit-oriented development, commercial corridor revitalization, affordable housing, stormwater, and reform to parking policies. We believe that Fairfax County can also join places like Charlotte, North Carolina, in addressing the design flaws and safety

Testimony: Support for Local Map Amendment for the Chelsea School, Silver Spring

We want to express our support for this proposed map amendment and project. We have reviewed proposal, discussed it with community members and visited the site. We are also familiar with EYA and its record of quality developments around the region, and open and honest relationships with communities. When a townhouse is the right solution, EYA is one of the best developers to build that project.
Young Planner Showcase

Young Planner Showcase

The world of development and planning is complex and often elusive. But on Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 3 of the region's most promising young planners made things at least a little clearer. At the event they presented their best work, got feedback from our expert panelists, and answered all your questions. Consider it American Idol for planners, but slightly less vicious and without any fear of Steven Tyler.

Testimony before the Montgomery County Council supporting the Takoma/Langley Crossroads Sector Plan

Overall, we want to express our support for this thoughtful plan. It addresses the need for transit-oriented redevelopment around the Purple Line and guides the re-creation of an inner suburban district. It provides policy goals to preserve existing affordable housing, increase MPDUs, and retain small businesses. The plan seeks to create interconnected, walk- and bicycle-friendly streets. We appreciate the plan’s aim to create urban parks, green streets, and improved water quality.

Testimony for the Alexandria Commercial Add-on Tax

The Coalition for Smarter Growth and our partner group the Audubon Naturalist Society support the proposed commercial add-on tax for transit, bicycle, pedestrian and local street needs.