Advocating for walkable, bikeable, inclusive, and transit-oriented communities as the most sustainable and equitable way for the Washington, DC region to grow and provide opportunities for all.

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RISE Prince George’s November meeting

Join us for a virtual general meeting of RISE Prince George's activists to take stock of what we've been working on and help us set next year's agenda. 

Ride On Reimagined Virtual Open House with MCDOT

Join us for a webinar on November 8 to learn more about the Ride On Reimagined draft network, and how you can share your thoughts on proposed changes!

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Review of the Loudoun Countywide Transportation Plan

Review of the Loudoun Countywide Transportation Plan

Smart Mobility, Inc. has been retained by the Citizens for a Countywide Transportation Plan to provide an independent review of the proposed Loudoun County Transportation Plan (CTP). This review encompasses both a preliminary critique of the Loudoun County Transportation Model (LCTM) which is the basis for the plans recommendations, and on the plan’s effectiveness in supporting the county’s overall goals of more sustainable and compact land use forms as stated in the Loudoun Comprehensive Plan.

Proposal for a Comprehensive Visioning Process for the Richmond Highway/Route 1 Corridor

The Richmond Highway Corridor passes through some of the most historic land in our Nation including the home and lands once owned by our first President. It has streams and wetlands connecting to the Potomac, and parks including Huntley Meadow and the Mount Vernon bike trail. It is marked by the diversity of peoples that are modern Fairfax, with a variety of neighborhoods and housing. From Beacon Hill one can see the landmarks of our nation’s capital including the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral.

Fairfax County: Comments on the Draft Tysons Corner Comprehensive Plan

Bus Rapid Transit for I-66 and I-95 should not be “post-2020” but accelerated to be complete by 2020 at the latest. This is particularly true given the recent award of Bus Priority Corridor funding by the federal government and the strong bi-partisan interest in I-66 BRT.

Recommendations on the Loudoun Transportation Plan

A paper by the Coalition for Smarter Growth on some of the potential downfalls within the Loudoun Transportation Plan, including flawed traffic modeling and lack of integrated analysis of land use and transportation alternatives.
5220 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, D.C. approved project by Akridge adjacent to the Friendship Heights Metro station

Cool Communities

When you think cool communities, you might think of vibrant neighborhoods with great streets and parks, coffee shops, bars and restaurants, a variety of stores and other activities. But these communities also offer the opportunity to help reduce the warming of our climate, while reducing oil consumption and transportation costs. Where we build and how we build our neighborhoods will make a real difference.