Accessory Dwelling Units


As housing demand continues to outpace supply in the District, creative solutions are needed to provide additional housing in order to reduce rental costs. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are one such solution. An ADU is a secondary living unit in a house, with a separate entrance/exit. Examples of ADUs include basement apartments, backyard cottages, in-law suites, and garage apartments.

By building ADUs across the city, we can weave additional housing into residential neighborhoods in ways that enhance the community fabric, promote intergenerational living arrangements, and improve housing affordability. After recent changes to the District’s zoning code made it easier for property owners to build ADUs on their lots, the Coalition for Smarter Growth has led the way in promoting the production of ADUs to take advantage of these changes.


Latest Happenings

Do you want to build an accessory apartment? We’ll help you talk to an architect!

Have you been thinking about building an accessory apartment in your home or backyard? If so, take the next step and talk to a professional who knows a lot about how these projects are designed and built. Fill out this form to connect you with an experienced architect, Ileana Schinder, to discuss an

DC ADU Homeowner Online Workshop with UPO

On January 25, we hosted a workshop with the United Planning Organization (UPO) for DC homeowners about building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).
RELEASE: DC homeowners get help to build ADUs on their lots

RELEASE: DC homeowners get help to build ADUs on their lots

CSG-UPO ADU manual press release 1-12-2021Download