Affordable Housing

More than a decade after the Brookings Institution released the seminal Region Divided report, the Washington region is still divided, with parts of D.C. and the east side of the region not sharing in the prosperity of our economy.

Despite some progress in the last decade, many eastern communities continue to fall on the wrong side of the regional divide with slow job growth, poorly performing schools, high crime, and a devastating home foreclosure crisis. Meanwhile, even in wealthier communities throughout the region many families struggle to keep up with rising housing costs, a situation made even worse by the a lack of diversity in housing types and transit-oriented development.

Addressing this challenge is the most important mission of CSG. With our focus integrating the interconnected issues of land use, housing, and transportation, we are uniquely situated to address this divide through changes in infrastructure policies and our work in local communities across the region. Providing more housing options close to jobs in job-rich areas, creating incentives for jobs to be focused at underdeveloped Metro stations on the east side of the region, focusing businesses in transit-accessible locations, and linking affordable housing and transit, are among the key solutions.

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Affordable Housing Progress Report

Affordable Housing Progress Report

In 2004, the Washington Regional Network for Livable Communities (WRN) produced the DC region’s first peer-to-peer comparison and report card for affordable housing policies. Extraordinarily influential, the report informed advocates and officials alike on the increasing depth of need for affordable housing, and the role local governments should play to ‘fill the gap,’ and improve the health of low-income families and their overall communities. To see how each of our region's jurisdictions stacked up, check out the full report.
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