ALERT: Sign our letter to advance racial equity with the DC Comp Plan!

Join us in one more push: Sign the letter for racial equity

Dear Friend,

We’ll keep this short. We have joined with partners in a sign-on letter to urge passage of the DC Comprehensive Plan ASAP.  If you haven’t already, please add your name.

The Comp Plan update is a fundamental part of the District’s commitment to address its legacy of racial inequity and the letter makes the case for Chair Mendelson and the Council to act quickly to pass the plan.

Please sign the letter today!

The proposed updates to the Comp Plan work to reverse redlining, racial segregation, and other discriminatory practices. It also acknowledges the consequences of past and current planning on Black and Brown residents, including: wealth disparities, health outcomes, and housing security.

The DC Office of Planning has identified nearly 100 policies and actions throughout the Comprehensive Plan that explicitly focus on advancing equity, titled the Equity Crosswalk. When implemented altogether, these policies hold promise to deliver on the goals of equity established in the Framework Element and to make a tangible difference in the lives of DC residents who have yet to reap the benefits of the growth and change in the city. 

Thank you for sticking with us in the fight for the updated Comp Plan.

Cheryl Cort, Policy Director, Coalition for Smarter Growth

PS: Click here to learn more about the Comp Plan.

Photo Credit: S. Davis, Flickr.