Event: Building Inclusivity in Ward 3 –What’s in the Affordable Housing Toolbox?

April 27, 2021, CSG and Ward3Vision hosted an event to learn about the many tools we have to make Ward 3 a more inclusive, affordable place to live. We discussed: “what is affordable housing?”, approaches and policies like federal and local subsidies, public land, missing middle housing, ADUs, public housing, land use policy, and inclusionary zoning. The event also helped the audience understand how affordable housing actually gets financed.

Featured speakers: Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh; Tracy Hadden Loh, PhD, Brookings Institution Fellow and Greater Greater Washington Board Chair; Stan Wall, P.E., Partner, HR&A Advisors and ANC Commissioner 3F04; Patrick McAnaney, Somerset Development; Andrew Trueblood, Director, DC Office of Planning; David Cristeal, LSA Planning, ANC Commissioner 3F01, Ward 3 Vision Steering Committee and former Housing Director, Arlington County (moderator)

View the event recording on youtube.