ACTION: Support Accessory Dwelling Units in Alexandria

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The City of Alexandria wants to hear from you as they develop an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) policy. You are encouraged to view the City’s second ADU presentation and provide feedback on how Alexandria can create an ADU policy to help make more affordable housing options a reality in the city. 



What is an ADU? They are private residences inside a house, such as a basement apartment, or a backyard cottage or garage conversion that can offer more affordable housing. Because of their small size, they are often less expensive than renting or buying a single-family home and provide housing opportunities in communities that might otherwise be too expensive. ADUs, like the principal home, must meet all setback requirements, building codes, and enforcement.

ADUs are great for an aging parent you are caring for, particularly given the crisis in our nursing homes. They offer a great home for your recent college graduate, a single professional, or even a couple wishing to rent out their main home, simplify, and travel to see grandchildren. ADUs can also offer a stream of income, including for retirees on fixed incomes.

City of Alexandria ADU study timeline and next steps.

Alexandria is in the midst of an ADU study that will inform development of a city policy on ADUs. This second presentation summarizes and responds to community feedback received during the first round of public input. You can check out the introductory presentation from April posted here, or visit Alexandria’s ADU webpage for more information.