Author: Ayesha Amsa

TAKE ACTION: Support a more inclusive Cleveland Park & Woodley Park

We need your help to support more housing around two key Ward 3 Metro stations. With the Draft Connecticut Avenue Development Guidelines, the District is proposing to increase the potential for new homes by rezoning in the commercial areas around the Cleveland Park and Woodley Park Metro stations. DC is also providing guidelines for new buildings and the streetscape. 

CSG in the News: Virginia Reduces Speed Limit On Stretch Of Route 1 In Fairfax County

May 22, 2023 | DCist | Jenny Gathright

Sonya Breehey, the northern Virginia advocacy manager for the Coalition for Smarter Growth, says the speed limit reduction is a “win for a safer Richmond highway and the communities along the corridor.”

“The Richmond Highway corridor is just dangerous, and routinely sees higher than average crashes and fatalities,” Breehey tells DCist/WAMU. “So this is certainly a step in the right direction that will help make the roads safer for everybody no matter how you travel — but most especially for our vulnerable road users: those who are walking and biking.”

Breehey added that additional improvements are still needed.

“Dropping the speed limit along won’t be enough,” she says. “It’s one tool in the toolbox.”

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TAKE ACTION: Provide input on a visionary bus network for our region!

TAKE ACTION: Provide input on a visionary bus network for our region!

Metro has released a draft Visionary Network for the region that represents what could be accomplished if we boosted bus funding by 35% across the region: a faster, more frequent, and reliable bus network with increased weekend and 24-hour service! Your input on this visionary bus network is essential! Feedback will be used to make additional improvements to the proposal, and high engagement will show leaders across our region the urgency of funding a frequent, reliable, improved bus network. 

Opinion: The answer to a more vibrant downtown D.C.? Not more cars.

Ultimately, this is about quality of life and attractive, competitive communities for residents of D.C. and the region, enhanced by having alternatives to hours spent driving and sitting in traffic and reducing the air pollution harming us — life and work enhanced by a green, sustainable and people-oriented downtown.

Letter: Urgent action needed on traffic violence in Washington, D.C

D.C. committed to Vision Zero in 2015, envisioning a future where there will be zero
serious injuries or fatalities on its streets. This would of course be a major public health and equity accomplishment. Beyond avoiding tragic traffic deaths, safe streets
would likely induce further uptake of walking, cycling, and alternative modes of transit, thus creating many other benefits via reduced air emissions and increased exercise.
Unfortunately, traffic deaths in D.C. have been steadily increasing
rather than decreasing.

This is the result of a failure to pursue reckless drivers, as described
above, as well as other breakdowns in governance, such as the failure to use the results of commissioned safety studies to establish priorities for infrastructure projects.

We urge you to pursue the following actions at the legislative and executive levels in order to reduce risks from traffic violence while enhancing economic and racial equity.

Event Materials: Addison Rd-Seat Pleasant walking tour

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our walk around the Addison Road-Seat Pleasant Metro station area. We were fortunate to have a great turnout with an array of public officials and local developers to discuss how the area is on the cusp of more change than we’ve seen since the Metro station opened in 1980. 

Testimony in support for NHP Elm Gardens

We wish to express our strong support for Case No. 22-33. We are excited to support this rezoning to facilitate the redevelopment of a 36-unit rental apartment building into a new, 100%  affordable 110-unit building. The rezoning appropriately permits the construction of a modestly larger building, fulfilling guidance of the Comp Plan to focus more activity around Metro stations.