Author: Ayesha Amsa

Event Materials: Addison Rd-Seat Pleasant walking tour

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our walk around the Addison Road-Seat Pleasant Metro station area. We were fortunate to have a great turnout with an array of public officials and local developers to discuss how the area is on the cusp of more change than we’ve seen since the Metro station opened in 1980. 

Testimony in support for NHP Elm Gardens

We wish to express our strong support for Case No. 22-33. We are excited to support this rezoning to facilitate the redevelopment of a 36-unit rental apartment building into a new, 100%  affordable 110-unit building. The rezoning appropriately permits the construction of a modestly larger building, fulfilling guidance of the Comp Plan to focus more activity around Metro stations.

RELEASE: Groups weigh in on Fairfax Board of Supervisors races

With Fairfax County facing significant transportation, affordable housing, and environmental challenges, a diverse network of sixteen (16) local and regional conservation, smart growth, bike/ped, housing, and social equity groups released a platform for candidates for the Board of Supervisors.

Titled A Vision for an Environmentally Sustainable Fairfax County: Inclusive, Walkable, Transit-Friendly Communities, the groups have sent the platform to all Board candidates in Fairfax County for whom contact information could be found.

TESTIMONY: Montgomery County’s Pedestrian Master Plan

We strongly support the  Pedestrian Master Plan draft and commend the plan’s holistic approach to achieving pedestrian safety and comfort across the county. In particular, we appreciate that the plan acknowledges pedestrian planning as a critical tool to meet our goals around health, equity, accessibility, climate, and land use, and that we need to think about these policies as interconnected.

Our 2023 Livable Communities and Community Hero Awardees

Our 2023 Livable Communities and Community Hero Awardees

We are excited to announce that this year’s Frederick and Diana Prince Livable Communities awardee is City of Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson! We will also be honoring our Sanders-Henn Community Hero awardees, smart growth community advocates Kyle Reeder and Bernard Holloway from Prince George’s County, Tina Slater from Montgomery County, Kim Hosen from Prince William County, and Michelle Krocker from Northern Virginia.