TAKE ACTION: Provide input on a visionary bus network for our region!

Metro has released a draft Visionary Network for the region, based on rider feedback and lots of study. The Visionary Network represents what could be accomplished if we boosted bus funding by 35% across the region: a faster, more frequent, and reliable bus network with increased weekend and 24-hour service! 

It would allow you to reach more places – jobs, shopping, medical appointments, and social events – faster. It would also increase efficiency, ridership, and economic output by improving access to jobs and opportunity. 

Your input on this visionary bus network is essential! Feedback will be used to make additional improvements to the proposal, and high engagement will show leaders across our region the urgency of funding a frequent, reliable, improved bus network. 

Explore the Network → Add Your Comments → Take the Survey → Join an Event
Now through June 18, 2023

  1. Explore the draft Visionary Network with the Better Bus Trip Planner. Compare your bus trips today to how they would look under the draft Visionary Network—with new and changed routes, expanded hours of service, and more. Plus, check out the Map Library for regional and route-specific maps.
  2. Comment on your route. Add notes about what you like and don’t like about proposed routes, share what you need from your bus network, and read and reply to notes shared by others.
  3. Take the survey. Share your thoughts on the Visionary Network, proposed routes, and your priorities as a transit rider. You’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card!
  4. Participate in a virtual or in-person event near you. Plus, join us for our webinar with WMATA on the visionary network on Thursday, June 1. 

CSG Webinar: Visionary Bus Network
Thursday, June 1 from noon-1pm
via Zoom

Your input will show our leaders that there is high demand in our region for a world-class bus transit network. Get started today and take action before June 6!