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Event Materials: Walkable Urban Streets Act activists’ briefing

Thank you for joining us on Tuesday, August 15 for a conversation with Council Member Eric Olson on the Walkable Urban Streets Act, landmark legislation that would ensure safer road designs for people walking and biking near transit districts and local centers.

RELEASE: Prince George’s County Safer Streets Legislation Hailed by Community Advocates

The Walkable Urban Streets Act will require county officials to apply its own urban street design standards and update the standards to keep abreast with national best practices. Better street designs will make urban centers safer and foster transit-oriented economic development. 

TAKE ACTION: A townhouse ban is not the way to guide us to smart, equitable development

Prince George’s County Council is considering a bill to freeze new townhouse construction for 2 years. We agree that too much growth is occurring outside priority centers, leading to increased traffic and high infrastructure costs, while diverting resources from existing communities. But a townhouse ban is an overly broad, indiscriminate approach that overlooks the underlying problems of Prince George’s zoning: too much single family zoning across the vast acres outside the beltway, and not enough flexible residential and mixed use zoning inside the beltway.

CSG comments opposing the townhouse moratorium in Prince George’s County

While we oppose CB 52 as not the right approach, we wish to express our support for the concern expressed in the bill in terms of ensuring residential growth is directed to the right locations. We find the singling out of townhouses for blame unjustified when permissive single family zoning across vast acres outside the beltway “established communities” are the underlying problem. Most of the land outside the beltway is zoned for low density housing, causing growth and additional demand on urban infrastructure, and robbing reinvestment resources from existing communities.

Event Materials: Addison Rd-Seat Pleasant walking tour

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our walk around the Addison Road-Seat Pleasant Metro station area. We were fortunate to have a great turnout with an array of public officials and local developers to discuss how the area is on the cusp of more change than we’ve seen since the Metro station opened in 1980.