Category: Testimony & Letters

TESTIMONY: Pedestrian Master Plan

We strongly support the  Pedestrian Master Plan draft and commend the plan’s holistic approach to achieving pedestrian safety and comfort across the county. In particular, we appreciate that the plan acknowledges pedestrian planning as a critical tool to meet our goals around health, equity, accessibility, climate, and land use, and that we need to think about these policies as interconnected.

CSG Comments in Support of Expanded Housing Options in Arlington

We commend Arlington’s long record as a trailblazer in smart growth, record of careful analysis, and extensive public consultation they’ve undertaken as part of the Missing Middle Study. CSG writes to convey our support for the proposed expansion of housing options and provide feedback on the different options.

Testimony: MD State Highway Administration FY24 budget oversight hearing

The Transform Maryland Transportation Coalition is asking MDOT to flex 50% of the federal funds, as allowed by federal law, from the Surface Transportation Block Grant and National Highway Performance Program formulas towards needed investments in eligible transit, safer streets, bicycle, and pedestrian projects, and vehicle electrification.

TESTIMONY: DMPED 2022-2023 Performance Oversight Hearing

The ANC 3/4G Task Force on Racism’s number one housing recommendation is to build dedicated affordable and workforce housing above the Chevy Chase community center and library. We agree that all these community plans and recommendations are correct — to achieve the city’s goals to address racial equity and create housing equity, we must make the most of the Chevy Chase civic site for affordable housing as we deliver a new library, community center, and public outdoor spaces.