Category: Transit-Oriented Development

Testimony: Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment (Support)

We support the draft Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment, which outlines a vision for an inclusive, environmentally resilient, and vibrant community with improved access to parks and amenities and an abundance of housing that supports the continued affordability and unique diversity of this plan area.

CSG Recommendations for Wizards/Capitals Arena Study

CSG Recommendations for Wizards/Capitals Arena Study

We are pleased to see that Alexandria is doing extensive outreach and sharing of information with the community, but we also urge our elected officials in the region to fully evaluate the impacts, costs, and benefits of the proposed project and site as compared to retaining the arena in DC. This includes transportation, environment, demographic, tax, financial risks, and other factors.

Joint Comments: TopGolf Site (Fairfax, Support)

Please accept these comments on behalf of the Coalition for Smarter Growth, Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance, South County Task Force, Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling, Washington Area Bicyclist Association, Nature Forward, and YIMBYs of NOVA. We write to express our support for the proposed redevelopment of the Top Golf site in Kingstowne and urge you to vote in favor of the plan amendment (PA-2015-IV-RH1). 

CSG comments: Capitol Heights Metro station changes for redevelopment

To transform this station, we support the redevelopment of the 372-space Park & Ride surface parking lot, relocation and reduction of Kiss & Ride spots, and relocation of the bus facilities. We support the urban street layout for bus bays, which necessitates a right in/right out driveway access on East Capitol Street.

Testimony: Proposed rezoning of the U Street police/fire station sites (DC, Support)

We want to again express our support for the proposed rezoning for the U Street police and fire station sites from MU-4 to MU-10. This proposal follows the land use designation change adopted in the 2021 Comprehensive Plan amendments and will make the site’s zoning consistent with the Future Land Use Map (FLUM). 

EVENT: Branch Ave Metro tour and placemaking meetup, Oct. 3, 2023

Connectivity + placemaking: Unlocking development around transit at the Branch Av. Metro station, with RISE Prince George’s.

On Oct. 3, 2023, in collaboration with RISE Prince George’s, we explored Prince George’s effort to focus future growth within the beltway and established communities by taking a look at the Branch Avenue Metro station area. We were welcomed by District 8 Council Member Ed Burroughs, III. Following the Council Member, we discussed Metro station area planning and development, zoning, street design, and walk and bike access. We then walked to Apollo Restaurant Row and convened a panel discussion on Prince George’s emerging placemaking initiatives.


The Capital Market Turnip Tour

WMATA Joint Development 10-Year Strategic Plan

Downtowns Are Changing, but ‘Haven’t Plateaued Yet’

Premium grocery stores are missing from the region’s high-income Black neighborhoods

Brittney Drakeford, urban planner, speaks to the group about creative placemaking. Pictured: District 8 Council Member Ed Burroughs, in the middle facing the group.

CSG Support for Connecticut Avenue Development Guidelines

We are pleased to express our support for the revised Development Guidelines for the commercial areas on Connecticut Avenue in the Cleveland Park and Woodley Park Historic Districts. The revised Development Guidelines will help us meet the Comprehensive Plan goals of increasing housing, and improving the mix of uses, while ensuring building forms that integrate with the historic districts and foster a people-friendly streetscape around the Cleveland Park and Woodley Park Metro stations.