TAKE ACTION: Tell DC Council to make Chevy Chase DC more inclusive

On July 5th, the DC Council will consider approving the final Chevy Chase DC Small Area Plan. The plan offers a more inclusive future vision for this upper NW main street neighborhood which has changed little in decades. We all have a stake in making Chevy Chase less exclusive, and a more welcoming, diverse place.

The Chevy Chase DC Draft Small Area Plan helps us do this, in a sensitive way. The proposed plan advances citywide goals of affordable housing and racial equity with new housing, especially affordable housing, where currently no dedicated units exist today.

Tell DC Council to vote yes on the Chevy Chase Small Area Plan

Thanks to action by people like you, the revisions in the final Chevy Chase Small Area Plan keep the focus on sensitively guiding new mixed income housing into an existing place, while enhancing what’s best about this main street district. The changes from the draft to proposed final plan provide clearer language for implementation with the creation a new zone to allow more housing along the Connecticut Avenue corridor while ensuring buildings and public spaces are human-scaled. The plan also calls for more affordable housing in any rezoning, using the Inclusionary Zoning Plus policy, which requires an affordable housing set aside of up to 20 percent.

Vote yes on the Chevy Chase DC Small Area Plan

The plan also commits to rebuilding the Chevy Chase library and community center with affordable housing. This is the area’s best opportunity to offer deep affordability to low income DC residents who would like the chance to live in Chevy Chase.

The proposed plan is a thoughtful approach to growing sustainably, proposing new mixed use buildings to replace parking lots and single-use suburban building types. It’s time to use this plan to guide Chevy Chase into a more inclusive future. The Chevy Chase Small Area Plan helps us create a more inclusive, diverse, and vibrant community. 

Thanks for all you do,

Cheryl Cort
Policy Director