Montgomery for All Letter on James Hedrick Planning Board Veto

March 27, 2023

Montgomery County Council
100 Maryland Ave, 6th Floor
Rockville, MD 20850

Montgomery for All Urges County Council to Override Veto of Sitting Planning Board Member James Hedrick

Montgomery for All was disappointed to learn Friday night of the County Executive’s veto of sitting Planning Board member James Hedrick. We strongly urge the County Council to override the County Executive’s veto.

James Hedrick is an experienced affordable housing professional who has already demonstrated the extensive knowledge and care he brings to this role during the weeks he has served on the Planning Board. 

The characterization of Mr. Hedrick put forth in the executive’s rationale for his veto does not align with Mr. Hedrick’s record of community advocacy, his public service as an affordable housing professional, and the responses he shared during his interview process as a Planning Board candidate. 

In his interview before the County Council and publicly available questionnaires, James Hedrick has demonstrated his thoughtful approach to meaningful and inclusive outreach to renters, people of color, low-income residents, and others often excluded by public outreach efforts. 

Informed by his professional experience leading Rockville’s public housing authority and providing technical assistance on master planning efforts on behalf of the federal government, Mr. Hedrick has recommended thoughtful policy approaches not just to meet but to exceed county housing production targets.

James Hedrick brings a valuable perspective on affordable housing policy to the Montgomery County Planning Board and is eminently qualified to serve.

We thank Council President Glass for the concern he has expressed on this matter and urge the Council to promptly schedule a vote and vote to override the County Executive’s veto. 

Montgomery for All is a grassroots, community-led group advocating for sustainable and inclusive land use, housing, and transit policies in Montgomery County, Maryland. Montgomery for All is organized and supported by the Coalition for Smarter Growth.