Our Statewide Work in Maryland

  • Purple Line: We have long been supporters of the Purple Line: a proposed light-rail line which would circle and connect the region’s core communities near the Capital Beltway, linking the spokes of Metrorail. Learn more >>>
  • Say No to Maglev: The proposed Baltimore-Washington Superconducting Magnetic Levitation (SCMAGLEV) project is the wrong technology and design for the Washington-Baltimore corridor and the NE Corridor as a whole. Instead, we should invest in both the Amtrak and commuter rail improvement programs. Learn more >>>
  • I-495/I-270 Expansion: This expansion would harm parks, streams, neighborhoods, taxpayers, and drivers. Instead of investing in transit-oriented communities — especially in Prince George’s County — it condemns residents of the east side of our region to forever having more costly, long commutes. Learn more >>>

Latest Happenings

Testimony: Housing Expansion and Affordability Act of 2024 (MD, Support with Amendments)

SB 484 would open up more opportunities to build needed housing, overcoming impediments for both market-rate and affordable home construction. We support this bill but suggest two amendments to strengthen it.

Testimony: FY2025 Capital Budget for Department of Housing and Community Development (MD, Support)

We wish to express our strong support for the proposed capital budget that will make critical investments in rental housing programs and community revitalization. The FY25 capital budget proposes $110 million in rental housing support, doubling what was provided in the last budget. This would create thousands of desperately needed quality homes for low- and moderate-income families. This investment provides essential funding to the successful Rental Housing Works (RHW) program. 

Testimony: WMATA Board re FY25 Budget (MD)

We thank WMATA for its hard work to identify cost savings and efficiencies to reduce the $750 million operating budget gap. We also thank the jurisdictions for proposing $480 million in additional operating funding for FY25. This includes the $150 million promised by Governor Moore and key state legislators. But we urge our elected leaders to do more to reduce and even close the entire gap. We all know that failure to close the entire gap will still mean some service cuts, fare hikes, impact on the workforce, and delays in the capital program.

Testimony: Electric Bicycle Rebate & Voucher Program (MD, Support)

E-bike rebate programs have been popular and successful across the US – Most daily trips that Marylanders make are within bikeable distances. Electric-assist bicycles, or e-bikes, can extend the reach of bikes to more people, more destinations, and more trips that are often done by car. Denver, Colorado’s nationally recognized e-bike rebate program in less than a year after it began, helped residents replace over 100,000 miles of car trips per week. The State of Colorado last year launched a popular statewide program.

Take Action: Creating transportation options to reduce climate pollution, save money, and improve health for Marylanders 

We have an opportunity to ensure that Maryland’s transportation investments support its climate goals while giving residents and workers more sustainable options to get to jobs and other destinations – the Transportation and Climate Alignment Act (TCA). This legislation is being considered right now in the Maryland General Assembly, and