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Metro is the backbone of our region’s transportation system, without which our highways would freeze-up. It takes us to work, sporting events, museums and visits to our friends. Metro transformed our city and suburbs, supporting convenient, walkable neighborhoods.

For too long, we let the system fall into a state of disrepair. Now, as Metro finishes restoring the existing system, it’s time to look to the future. [clear][line]

What is Metro Momentum? Why now?

Metro Momentum is the strategic plan to provide the capacity our Metro system needs to handle population and job growth through 2025 and 2040. It’s made up of two parts:

  • Metro 2025 includes a series of seven major capacity improvements that we need to begin now
  • Metro 2040 includes bigger changes, like new Potomac River crossings and new lines in the system’s core.

The Coalition for Smarter Growth supports the Momentum plan, and we hope you will, too. Unless the local and state jurisdictions that fund Metro begin serious investment this year, the big improvements in Metro 2025 could be delayed at least another five years thanks to issues like budget cycles and procurement contracts.


What will Metro 2025 do?

Metro 2025 includes seven core initiatives:

  1. 8-car trains: Metro will run all 8-car trains during rush hour, making room for 35,000 more rides per hour through the system’s core.
  2. Station improvements: Metro will build pedestrian walkways between Gallery Place and Metro Center, and between Farragut North and Farragut West to ease transfers and reduce platform crowding. Metro will also integrate new station entrances and savvy changes to elevators and escalators in high-ridership stations.
  3. Metrobus Priority Corridor Network: Metro will improve bus service, travel speeds, and reliability on 24 regional bus corridors — which serve half of Metrobus riders.
  4. New Blue Line Connections: Metro will work to unclog the bottleneck at Rosslyn station to restore Blue Line service to pre-Rush Plus levels.
  5. Rider Communications: Metro will install a new PA system, better real-time information for riders, and more.
  6. More Buses: Metro will expand its bus fleet, putting 400 more buses on the streets.
  7. Pocket Tracks: More crossover and pocket tracks throughout the system will make it easier to turn trains around, making more flexible service possible.

Metro 2040 includes even more expansions, like new lines in the core, new Potomac River crossings, or expanding the system’s reach.


More resources

WMATA Director of Planning Shyam Kannan shared this presentation at the Coalition for Smarter Growth Momentum forum in Silver Spring on March 20.

Full Momentum document

Straight from the source: read the full Momentum strategic plan.


Looking for more nuanced analysis, and sources on the methodology and numbers being the Momentum plan? Read great analyses at the blog PlanItMetro.


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