CSG in the News: Alexandria City Council Puts Seminary Road on a Diet

Alexandria City Council Puts Seminary Road on a Diet

City slims four-lane thoroughfare into Complete Street with bike lanes.

By Bridgette Adu-Wadier, Alexandria Gazette Packet, Saturday, September 21, 2019

Seminary Road is about to go on a diet, slimming down from four lanes to two.

Last weekend, the Alexandria City Council narrowly approved a plan to remove two traffic lanes from a stretch of Seminary Road. The “road diet” will create new bike lanes and improve pedestrian safety along a busy stretch in the West End. The four-to-three vote was cast Saturday night after a contentious day-long public hearing….

“When you expand roads, you can attract more drivers, but when you cut roads and invest in better alternatives, traffic will adjust,” said Stewart Schwartz of the Coalition for Smarter Growth, a supporter of the road diet. “We will still be driving, but the more people we have not driving because of alternatives will be safer and better for us.”

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