CSG in the news: Gentrification in DC is not just a black and white issue

CSG’s Engagement Director Alex Baca, with Nick Finio, in Greater Greater Washington, Sept. 6, 2018:

Most conventional debates over gentrification in DC position the process as one that replaces long-time black residents with newer, wealthier white residents. Given the context, this framing makes sense: DC has a well-established black middle class and a wealth of black history. And, the most prominent visual signifiers of change — new buildings — are in neighborhoods like Shaw, which had been nearly entirely black in the postwar era.

We don’t suggest that those narratives should cease. Rather, we’d like to emphasize that this cursory look at demographics does no justice to the burdens, primarily born by minority groups, of the dramatic increase in housing prices over the last 20 years.

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