‘MetroGreater’ Needs Your Ideas to Make the Metro … Greater

WMATA General Manager Paul Wiedefeld is already implementing new ideas to make the Metro better, such as adding decals to platforms and color-coding eight-car trains, but these ideas aren’t enough. Starting this Wednesday, WMATA launched a crowdsourcing contest, called MetroGreater, that will allow the public to submit ideas on how to improve Metrorail, Metrobus, and MetroAccess.

These ideas must be able to be implemented within a span of six months or less, cost no more than $100,000, and not violate any laws or regulations. Other requirements include that these ideas must not negatively impact service or safety and must not have negligible costs to continue into the future.

To submit ideas, go to MetroGreater’s website here. The deadline is July 15. A jury will select the 10 finalists and vote on these ideas in August.

The contest is produced by Greater Greater Washington in collaboration with the Coalition for Smarter Growth and WMATA, according to a recent press release.


Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Mariordo

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