Urban Turf profile on Van Ness: Redevelopment with a community-oriented focus

Van Ness isn’t going to “become the city’s next hip commercial strip,” concludes Urban Turf in its new profile of the Van Ness commercial strip. “[W]hile the last decade has seen the blooming of popular business corridors along 14th Street and other thoroughfares further east, the redevelopment happening here has a different, more community-oriented focus.”

Reporter Zak Salih spoke to Van Ness Main Street’s Theresa Cameron and Forest Hills Connection’s Marlene Berlin about the community-led efforts to revitalize Van Ness. And like so many projects Marlene is part of, it begins with a walk.

Read the neighborhood profile at dc.UrbanTurf.com.

Photo courtesy of Forest Hills Connection. Click here to read the original article.