The Fund It Fix It coalition of 22 non-profit organizations hailed the announcement today of the Metro Safety and Accountability Act of 2019 by the region’s Senate delegation

For Immediate Release: May 23, 2019

Contact: Stewart Schwartz, Executive Director, CSG, 703-599-6437

Josh Tulkin, Director, Sierra Club – Maryland, 240-764-5307 (o), 650-722-3171 (c)

Fund it Fix it!

The Fund it Fix it coalition of 22 non-profit organizations hailed the announcement today of the Metro Safety and Accountability Act of 2019 by the region’s Senate delegation

The members of the Fund It Fix It non-profit coalition applauded the federal Metro funding bill announced today by Senators Warner, Kaine, Cardin and Van Hollen. The legislation would reauthorize federal (“PRIIA”) funding for an additional 10 years, FY 2020 – FY 2029, at an annual level of $150 million, and include an additional $50 million per year in federal funding that is not subject to local match, but requires specific safety, oversight and governance measures.

The $150 million matches $50 million each from DC, Maryland and Virginia. The additional $50 million would include $45 million for financing capital and preventative maintenance projects and $5 million for the Inspector General, contingent on nonfederal match of $5 million, for total of $10 million.

“In 2017 and 2018, the Fund it Fix it coalition campaigned hard, and teamed with the business community (MetroNow) and other stakeholders, including labor, to win the $500 million in dedicated funding for WMATA, and we will be urging Congress to approve the critical federal contribution to restoring our Metro system to world-class status,” said Stewart Schwartz, Executive Director of the Coalition for Smarter Growth. 

“Metro is the critical transportation backbone for the region’s economy and the federal workforce. The PRIIA investment not only leverages billions in state and local funding, it leverages economic development, accessibility to jobs, and environmental sustainability more than any other investment the federal government could make in this region,” said Schwartz.

“We have just 10 years to make major cuts in our greenhouse gas emissions so investing in high-capacity transit that supports compact walkable development must be the top transportation priority of our federal government,” said Josh Tulkin, Director, Sierra Club – Maryland. “We applaud this dedicated federal funding and urge Congress to make transit funding the top priority of the nation’s entire transportation program.”

The Fund it Fix it coalition will be reaching out to partners across the country to urge their support for this federal funding for WMATA.

“Metro has long been known as the ‘nation’s subway’ and one that Americans from across the country take pride in,” said Schwartz. “We are proud to be part of this nonprofit coalition and are committed to winning the funding WMATA needs.”


The Fund It Fix It coalition includes 22 non-profit groups working in Virginia, DC, and Maryland for dedicated funding for Metro: Coalition for Smarter Growth, League of Women Voters chapters, Sierra Club state chapters and local groups, Action Committee for Transit, Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, Virginia Conservation Network, Piedmont Environmental Council, Clean Water Action, Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance, Friends of White Flint, Smart Growth Maryland, Maryland Center on Economic Policy, Southern Environmental Law Center, and Greater Greater Washington.