TPB’s 2021 Voices of the Region Survey – Highlights

  • Scientific survey of over 2,400 regional residents conducted by TPB that was representative of urban, inner suburban and outer suburban jurisdictions.
  • Shows that the region’s residents generally demand more walkable, bikeable and transit-friendly communities and climate action, and prioritize this much more than expanding roads and parking
  • Climate Action
    • 84% of the region’s residents want elected officials to consider the impacts of climate change when planning transportation. 
    • For residents under 30 years of age, those most impacted by our long-range planning decisions and by climate change, that percentage rises to 92%.
    • Overwhelming majorities of suburban as well as urban residents across the region’s jurisdictions agreed.
    • Even in outer suburban jurisdictions, between 72 and 78% of residents wanted climate change considered in transportation planning.
    • These percentages are much higher than those expressing congestion to be a significant concern that impacts their lives a lot (44%).
  • Support for expanded pedestrian zones, bike lanes, and bus lanes
    • Three quarters of survey respondents said they support post-pandemic use of street space for expanded pedestrian access and restaurant seating. 
    • Strong majorities also support bike lanes (63%) and bus lanes (71%), and a narrow majority (54%) support dedicated bus lanes even in situations that involve removal of on-street parking. 
    • It’s not only city residents who want dedicated bus lanes, either: the majority of survey respondents live in suburban areas, with a plurality from outer suburbs.
  • “What transportation investments should we make today that future generations will thank us for tomorrow?” – only a small minority (134 out of 637) called for more or wider roads:
    • 259 responses called for improving transit, walking and biking
    • 172 responses called for clean transportation investments
    • 134 responses called for more roads and more/wider car lanes
    • 72 responses called for improving the condition of existing bridges and roads
  • Dissatisfaction with region’s transportation system is by far the highest in the car-dependent outer suburbs

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