Affordable Housing Progress Report

In 2004, the Washington Regional Network for Livable Communities (WRN) produced the DC region’s first peer-to-peer comparison and report card for affordable housing policies.

Read the influential report card that spurred Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax to adopt affordable housing best practices.

The Progress Report showcased the need for affordable housing in each local jurisdiction; it also outlined what programs, if any, were in place to address affordable housing, and made recommendations on four key policies to be implemented across all jurisdictions to help address the widening gulf between need and supply.

Peer to Peer Comparisons Result in Comprehensive Change

Extraordinarily influential, the report informed advocates and officials alike on the increasing depth of need for affordable housing, and the role local governments should play to ‘fill the gap,’ and improve the health of low-income families and their overall communities. Crucially, the report also laid out the effectiveness of innovative policies as applied by local jurisdictions, and helped spur Fairfax County, Arlington County and the city of Alexandria to adopt some of those key recommendations within one year of its publication.

Ongoing Analysis of Progress, Challenges to Regional Housing

Now fully merged with the Coalition, WRN’s original vision continues to serve as an effective model for advocacy and public policy recommendations by our equitable development team. As local jurisdictions have adopted several, if not all, of the best practice tools, the Coalition continues to monitor and advocate that these programs are both funded and implemented to best respond to the continued need for affordable housing across the region.

To see how each of our region’s jurisdictions stacked up, check out the full report.