DC USA: Proposed Parking Management Strategy to Maximize Sales and Access

DC USA: WRN Proposed Transportation & Parking Management Strategy to Maximize Sales and Access

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October 12, 2004

Given that the DC USA retail center will have substantially less retail sales space than could be supported by market demand, the conventional customer access strategy of driving and parking should be fully reconsidered. Several other facts point to the need to implement an urban strategy that better builds on the assets of the site location, and avoids its constraints.

The high household densities, and high walk, bicycle and transit access are the site’s assets. Car access because of existing and new congestion on the road network limits the utility of parking. Thus adding to vehicle trips through large amounts of subsidized parking is unlikely to maximize the sale potential of the site. Rather adding alternative customer access (e.g. bicycle racks, bus & rail passes) and large purchase transportation
choices (e.g. free home delivery & taxi vouchers), reduces private vehicle trips and increases travel choices for customers, many of whom do not own a car.