The DC Comp Plan is back – let’s ensure it allows for a more inclusive city

Together with you, we’ve pressed for over two years for an updated Comprehensive Plan that makes building more affordable housing a priority for the city. But for more than a year, the guiding first chapter or “Framework Element” has been bottled up in the DC Council. Finally, the second and crucial vote on the bill will be September 17.

While the Chairman’s revisions incorporate many of the amendments we supported, it falls short of establishing affordable housing as our top priority, and doesn’t ensure that enough housing can be built across the whole city.

Send a message to the DC Council today and let them know we want a city for all.

Tell the DC Council the Comprehensive Plan must:

  • Directly address the city’s need for more housing, especially near transit, so that people across the income spectrum can have more choices about where they can live;
  • Make affordable housing the highest priority throughout the document, and in the development review process;
  • Commit to preserving existing affordable housing and prevent residents from being displaced;
  • Enable new affordable housing to be built across the city, including in Upper Northwest, where for too long some of its residents have blocked significant numbers of new homes from being built;
  • Fix the broken development approval process (including Planned Unit Developments), ensuring that affordable housing is given top priority, and that the process is predictable for those who participate in good-faith.

Email the Council today!

In our meetings with Councilmembers over the past few months we’ve pressed the case and believe there is significant support.


Photo credit: Ted Eytan,