Safe Streets in Maryland

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Event Materials: Walkable Urban Streets Act activists’ briefing

Thank you for joining us on Tuesday, August 15 for a conversation with Council Member Eric Olson on the Walkable Urban Streets Act, landmark legislation that would ensure safer road designs for people walking and biking near transit districts and local centers.

Walkable Urban Streets Act advocacy resources

Check out our factsheet and other resources on the Walkable Urban Streets Act.

RELEASE: Prince George’s County Safer Streets Legislation Hailed by Community Advocates

The Walkable Urban Streets Act will require county officials to apply its own urban street design standards and update the standards to keep abreast with national best practices. Better street designs will make urban centers safer and foster transit-oriented economic development. 
College Park Metro pylon and people, bike

Testimony: Prince George’s FY24 budget

Continue affordable housing funding, support better buses, implement complete streets CSG-comments-on-PGC-FY24-budget-1Download

TESTIMONY: Montgomery County’s Pedestrian Master Plan

We strongly support the  Pedestrian Master Plan draft and commend the plan’s holistic approach to achieving pedestrian safety and comfort across the county. In particular, we appreciate that the plan acknowledges pedestrian planning as a critical tool to meet our goals around health, equity, accessibility, climate, and land use, and that we need to think about these policies as interconnected.