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Tri-County Parkway

The North-South Divide

Battle lines are forming over the north-south transportation corridor in Northern Virginia. Backers say it would serve a growing population and stimulate economic development. Foes say the state has more urgent priorities for spending $1 billion or more. Red line shows approximate route of the North-South Corridor where it runs

Why Tolls Will Be Waived On One Virginia Highway This Weekend

Nearly five months after opening, the operators of the 495 Express Lanes are struggling to attract motorists to their congestion-free toll road in a region mired in some of the worst traffic congestion in the country. Transurban, the construction conglomerate that put up $1.5 billion to build the 14-mile, EZ Pass-only corridor

Manassas battlefield must be protected from traffic

Regarding Robert McCartney’s March 7 Metro column “Deal is near to shift traffic out of Manassas battlefield park”: Everyone involved agrees on the need to direct commuter traffic away from the national battlefield park to protect the park’s history, meaning and visitors. However, not everyone agrees that the proposed new

Deal is near to shift traffic out of Manassas battlefield park

The National Park Service and Virginia authorities are close to signing a major Civil War battlefield preservation deal that eventually would close two congested roads that slice through the twice-hallowed ground at Manassas. The agreement, which could be signed by the summer, would provide for routes 234 and 29 to

Community Meeting on the Proposed Outer Beltway

Join Us for a Community Meeting VDOT has been moving ahead with plans to build a new “Outer Beltway” — an expensive road project that would cut through Loudoun and Prince William (east of Rt. 15, but west of Rt. 28). The road would open up new land to development,