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Comments on MDOT Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) Tour FY24-29, Prince George’s County

As a member of the statewide Transform Maryland Transportation Coalition (TMTC), we ask MDOT to flex 50% of the federal funds, as allowed by federal law, from the Surface Transportation Block Grant and National Highway Performance Program formulas towards needed investments in eligible transit, safer streets, bicycle, and pedestrian projects, and transit vehicle electrification.

Letter: A better design for the Medical Center Drive/I-495 interchange

We support the exciting vision you have laid out for a vibrant, walkable Downtown Largo and Blue Line corridor. In order to achieve this vision, the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) should wholly rethink their current proposals for a greatly expanded I-495/Medical Center Drive interchange.

PRESS RELEASE: Bias in VDOT 495 Southside Study

"VDOT's study is inherently biased because they determine their own conclusion even before doing detailed study. By defining the Purpose to be "extend the express toll lanes," they are intentionally foreclosing other options," said Stewart Schwartz, Executive Director of the Coalition for Smarter Growth.

CSG comments on VDOT 495 Southside

The Coalition for Smarter Growth submits the following comments on the Preliminary Alternatives and Screening Evaluation presented by VDOT in September 2023 for its 495 Southside Express Lanes study.

TAKE ACTION: VDOT’s “495 Southside Study” is biased toward building more toll lanes. What happened to the promise of Metrorail?

Alexandria was promised future Metrorail across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to connect Virginia and Maryland when the bridge was reconstructed 15 years ago. And WMATA is currently studying a Blue Line loop across the bridge. But, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is racing ahead with a biased study designed solely to extend High Occupancy Toll Lanes (aka “Express Lanes”) from Springfield across the bridge to MD210. The comment period ends on October 10!