Stopping Sprawl and Highway Projects in Virginia

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We urge you to review and consider the joint letter of 12 Northern Virginia organizations regarding TransAction 2045. These are not new concerns - we have pointed to the shortcomings for some time. We also urge you to reject this TransAction plan and create a new more effective, affordable and sustainable plan.

NVTA TransAction Joint Letter

We write to you today in support of regional transportation planning that identifies cost-effective, sustainable, and equitable solutions to improve mobility and helps inform investments through NVTA’s 6-year program.

CSG in the News: Critics irked by long-term transportation proposal

“A plan that we could never afford is not a plan. And if we can’t afford it, and dozens of the projects can never be built, then the NVTA can’t claim that their plan would reduce congestion,” said Stewart Schwartz, executive director of the Coalition for Smarter Growth.

CSG Comments: DRPT Southside Beltway

The Coalition for Smarter Growth appreciates DRPT’s involvement in the I-495 southside corridor issue. Our organization has been engaged for over two decades in the transportation and land use issues that connect Prince George’s County and Northern Virginia. Please consider our comments on the I-495 Southside Transit & TDM Study.

RELEASE: Groups challenge bloated $75.7B NOVA transportation plan

Officials release bloated $75.7B transportation plan for NoVA is unlikely to "solve congestion". Needed - a new approach: A plan that improves access to opportunity, reduces driving, saves families money, and fights climate change.