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DC: Proposed Changes to Parking Regulations

At the time that our city instituted its zoning code in 1958, urban planners of the era, including Harold Lewis, who wrote the new zoning plan for the city, envisioned a very different future. The Lewis plan cited the need to require off-street parking for all new development hoping for“…the eventual removal of curb parking and the subsequent freeing of the traffic arteries.”

Fairfax County: Zoning Ordinance Amendments for Large Retail Sales Establishments

The Coalition supports the staff and Planning Commission recommendations to amend the zoning ordinance as outlined in the report. Bringing retail store proposals greater than 80,000 square feet under County special exception helps ensure these projects reflect comprehensive planning, transportation and environmental measures, thus better contributing to the public health and welfare. This allows large retailers to better contribute to the community they serve in partnership, while enhancing the economic viability of the stores themselves.