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Comments on Arlington County’s Columbia Pike Plan and Streetcar

The key to a sustainable and equitable future for our region is a network of transit-oriented communities which mix a range of housing with jobs and services. We need the next generation of transit including streetcar, light rail, and bus rapid transit to expand high capacity transit service to more of our region, expanding access to jobs, reducingvehicle trips and fighting climate change. TOD not only maximizes transit trips but it also maximizes walking and bicycling trips as demonstrated by recent Council of Governments’ travel surveys.

Fairfax County: Comments on the Draft Tysons Corner Comprehensive Plan

Bus Rapid Transit for I-66 and I-95 should not be “post-2020” but accelerated to be complete by 2020 at the latest. This is particularly true given the recent award of Bus Priority Corridor funding by the federal government and the strong bi-partisan interest in I-66 BRT.