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Testimony in Support for McMillan Sand Filtration Plant Master Plan

We wish to express our support for the proposed Master Plan for the McMillan Sand Filtration Plant. This plan is a careful, extensively vetted redevelopment and preservation plan that will highlight the unique historic resources of the site. The plan proposes to provide interpretation and public access to key elements of the distinctive historic resources. This would not be possible without the redevelopment program that helps pay for the cost of the restoration. For decades, access to this large area was prohibited, thus creating a wide gap between surrounding activities and neighborhoods. When you walk across this area, bicycle along Michigan Avenue, or wait for a bus by the hospital as I have done, you feel disconnected, as if you are traversing through no-man’s land. This master plan will reengage the site with its surroundings and turn this gap into an inviting destination with a distinctive heritage.

Update to D.C.’s 1958 Zoning Code for Parking Offers Better Choices for Residents and Commuters

The location, amount and pricing of parking directly affects driving habits, traffic congestion, air quality, and the urban fabric of our city. Tonight’s public hearing before the D.C. Zoning Commission provides the opportunity to voice support for the Office of Planning’s proposed comprehensive reform of parking regulations. The proposed changes protect walkable historic neighborhoods, promote transit-oriented development, help make new housing more affordable, and help improve commuting conditions for all.