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Fairfax County: Draft Plan for Tysons Corner Redesign

Fairfax County is in the midst of an evolution, where the focus for future growth will of necessity be transit stations and commercial corridors. Places that will evolve into mixed-use, mixed-income, walkable, bikeable and transit oriented communities. This is the best way to protect suburban neighborhoods, to accommodate population growth and changing demographics (including downsizing empty nesters and retirees), to address traffic, and maximize the energy efficiency and competitiveness of the county. We hope that the experience from the Tysons Corner process will result in new and enhanced public planning processes, and multidisciplinary staff teams for re-planning the commercial corridors of the county.

D.C.: Mixed-Income Housing

Remarkable increases in land values make it more challenging even for nonprofit developers to produce new affordable housing. On public lands, we have a tremendous opportunity to translate that high value into new affordable homes, helping our community realize direct benefits without needing to expend additional tax dollars to achieve them. With specific amendments, this could be truly landmark legislation.