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Support for BZA Case Number 18866 – 1108 16th Street, NW

We wish to express our support for the proposed reduced parking to a total of 4 spaces to serve the redevelopment project at 1108 16th Street, NW which will provide office space and 15 residences, while preserving the historic façade of the original building. Given the awkward site and preserved historic features, the reduced parking is reasonable relief, especially for such an accessible location. 

Testimony in Support of 90 & 91 Bladgen Alley NW Reduced Parking

We wish to express our strong support for this project and the proposed reduction in the number of parking spaces provided for this laudable housing development and historic restoration project. Forcing unneeded vehicle parking into this innovative alley residential development would do great harm to this historic alley which is a treasure for the city. We agree that the vehicle parking is unnecessary. Instead of providing vehicle parking, the new housing will offer…


D.C. draws closer to letting developers decide on parking

“It is a really important step forward for the city,” said Cheryl Cort, the policy director at the Coalition for Smarter Growth, who detailed her position on the zoning rewrite, which covers more than parking requirements, in a blog post at Greater Greater Washington.

“Everything tells us that people are driving less and are owning fewer cars. Every day we have another transportation option and there are all these new ways for people to get around,” Cort said.