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Stimulus – Don’t Give Blank Check to VDOT and MDOT

“The transportation portion of the stimulus badly misses the mark.” said Stewart Schwartz, Executive Director of the Coalition for Smarter Growth, “It fails to mandate that most of the spending go to maintenance and operations of roads and transit and allows the Virginia and Maryland Departments of Transportation and the other state DOT’s too much authority to allocate $30 billion. That means business as usual instead of the fundamental change we need.”

Transit’s Success at the Inauguration

Rail, bus, walking and bicycle access made possible record-breaking crowds who attended downtown celebrations for the Presidential Inauguration. Metrorail marked three days of unprecedented ridership in a row, providing 2.6 million trips for people during three days of inaugural celebrations. Officials decided against any significant role for private automobiles and encouraged visitors to take transit or bus, walk or bicycle.

Joint Statement in Support of a Fix-it-First, Jobs First, Sustainable Stimulus

The undersigned groups have been involved for many years in promoting, supporting and implementing fiscally and environmentally sustainable land use, transportation and environmental policies. We hereby express our core concerns and recommendations for the stimulus bill before the Senate.