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Principles Linking Smart Growth & Stormwater

eams that feed it. Stormwater runoff from farms and development gouges out streams and pours pollutants such as farm and lawn fertilizers, livestock waste, and oil and gasoline from cars and trucks into the very water we drink and depend on for food and recreation. As our communities have spread out and our daily activities have become increasingly separated and car-dependent, we have consumed thousands of acres of forest and farm land for parking lots, roads and highways to accommodate our vehicles. This explosive increase in land consumption for paved or impervious surface has exacerbated and continues to exacerbate the stormwater runoff problem throughout the Chesapeake region.

PBS Frontline Documentary “Poisoned Waters” Featuring Stewart Schwartz

PBS’s Pulitzer-prize winner journalist Hedrick Smith exposes in his new Frontline documentary “Poisoned Waters” the damage being done to the nation’s delicate aquatic ecosystems like Puget Sound and the Chesapeake Bay. During his investigation, he finds that one of the major sources of the problem is our land use decisions and how we have chosen to grow. Low-density residential and commerical development built in the Chesapeake Bay watershed provide acres of impervious surface that send stormwater, laden with pollutants from parking lots and highways, rushing into the bay.

Stewart Schwartz, CSG’s Executive Director, leads Hedrick Smith on a tour of Arlington County and shows how smart growth helps protect the Bay by reducing stormwater runoff through redevelopment of parking lots into compact, walkable, urban communities. Watch the clip of the tour below, or see the full video on PBS’s website. Chris Miller, the president of the Piedmont Environmental Council, our partner organization, also comments on the options for our region during the clip.