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How to testify in support of the DC Zoning Update at the Zoning Commission

How to testify in support a progressive update to the DC zoning code before the DC Zoning Commission
Sign up to testify in advance 1. In person: call to get on the list –DC Zoning Commission at: 202-727-
6311. You can also sign up to testify by arriving by 6:00 pm at the Zoning Commission hearing
room on the hearing date. Hearings will start at 6pm and continue until everyone has testified or
11:30 pm.

Full schedule of November 2013 hearings on the D.C. Zoning Update

DC Zoning Update Hearings Monday, November 4 – Subtitles A, W, X, Y, and Z
o Topic – Authority, practice, and procedure of government bodies that work
with zoning  Tuesday, November 5 – Subtitle B o Topic – Definitions and terminology used in zoning code  Wednesday, November 6 – Subtitle D
o Topic – Accessory apartments in low-density residential areas and
corner stores  Thursday, November 7 – Subtitles E and F
o Topic – Corner stores

Zoning Over Pizza

If you’ve signed up to speak in front of the Zoning Commission at the public hearings on the zoning update this November (we need more supporters to sign up!), this workshop is for you! Over snacks, we talked about what the Zoning Commissioners will be looking for when you speak, and what you can say to best show your support for the zoning update. We’ll break into small groups and brainstorm what we can say.