Speak up for a transit-oriented community at Huntington Metro!

You still have time to speak up on the Huntington Metro plan before the Planning Commission votes tomorrow. Walkable, inclusive, transit-oriented communities are the most sustainable and equitable way for Fairfax County and our region to grow. That’s why we need you to speak up in support of developing the Huntington Metro station area as a key part of that larger vision

There are two actions you can take to support this smart growth development: 1) Send an email to Fairfax County, and 2) Sign up to speak at the Planning Commission public hearing on Oct. 19 at 7:30 pm (SSPA 2021-IV-3MV).

Take Action Now

Fairfax County is considering a site-specific plan amendment that would transform the Huntington Metro station area into a walkable, bike-friendly, transit-oriented community.

The Huntington Metro plan includes:  

  • A mix of uses to support a walkable, transit-oriented community
  • 1,500 new residential units, including 15% affordable and workforce dwelling units
  • Improved pedestrian and bicycle connections along Huntington Avenue and North Kings Highway, within the station area, and connecting to neighboring parcels
  • Publicly accessible open space, plazas, and urban parks
  • Updated and enhanced stormwater management

The plan amendment lays the groundwork for developing the Huntington Metro station area into an inclusive, vibrant, and livable neighborhood with great access to Metro and the future Rt. 1 bus rapid transit. Let’s make sure it’s approved. Send an email in support ahead of the October 19th planning commission hearing.

Learn more and show your support today!