Thank you for taking action for more housing in DC!

Thank you for taking action to support more housing and a better future for DC.

Want to do more? 

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Here are a few talking points to help you speak eloquently at a meeting, or to your friends, colleagues, and coworkers:

  • Our city continues to grow, this means we need to plan for and build more housing to keep up with demand.

  • We need to establish stronger goals to create and preserve affordable housing.

  • All our Metro stations and major transit corridors should be places we encourage more housing and mixed-use development.

  • Our land use policies should do more to support production of affordable housing, prevent displacement, and accommodate growth.

  • We should make the most of Inclusionary Zoning by requiring more affordable housing and allow more housing overall to help offset the cost of the affordable housing.

  • Our Comp Plan policies and land use maps should make it easier to build more housing, especially affordable housing.