Why We Need Metro

Metro’s benefits to our region include:

  1. Shaping a more sustainable region through walkable, bikeable, mixed-use, transit-oriented communities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Affordable access to jobs and opportunity – within the Metro Compact Area, the land within ½ mile of the system’s Metrorail stations and Metrobus stops contains 60% of the region’s population, 70% of jobs, and 50% of businesses. 
  3. An effective alternative to sitting in traffic that benefits everyone by reducing congestion.
  4. An essential service underpinning a competitive and growing economy – attracting companies and the next-generation workforce.
  5. An important contributor to tax revenue – Metrorail station areas are only 3% of the region’s land area, but contribute 30% of its property tax revenue.
  6. Lower combined housing and transportation costs, particularly when combined with affordable housing – Washington metro area commuters can save over $13,000 per year by using transit instead of driving.
  7. Reduced consumption of land, saving farms and forests, and leaving room for parks and protected stream corridors.