We passed zoning reforms in Alexandria!

On Tuesday night, the Alexandria City Council voted unanimously to adopt the package of eight zoning reforms expected to boost the supply of new homes by 25%. The backing from residents like you and local groups was essential in showing broad support for the measures. 

Thank you for your comments, personal stories, and testimonies at multiple meetings and via email over the past nine months. We also appreciate the Mayor and City Council’s leadership and staff’s diligent outreach and analysis on this important and at times challenging issue.

Zoning for Housing / Housing for All is a small but important step in promoting Alexandria’s vision to provide more housing options, making the community more inclusive, walkable, and transit-friendly, while also protecting its historic character. This initiative – and similar ones in neighboring jurisdictions – will also benefit the wider Washington region. Please consider taking a moment to thank the City for their support of these meaningful zoning reforms.