Joint Comments: TopGolf Site (Fairfax, Support)

Coalition for Smarter Growth – Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance South County Task Force – Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling Washington Area Bicyclist Association – Nature Forward – YIMBYs of NOVA 

January 23, 2024

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors
12000 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax, VA 22035

RE: Joint Comments in Support of Plan Amendment 2015-IV-RH1 (Top Golf Site)

Chairman McKay and Board Members: 

Please accept these comments on behalf of the Coalition for Smarter Growth, Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance, South County Task Force, Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling, Washington Area Bicyclist Association, Nature Forward, and YIMBYs of NOVA. We write to express our support for the proposed redevelopment of the Top Golf site in Kingstowne and urge you to vote in favor of the plan amendment (PA-2015-IV-RH1). 

Our organizations assess proposed development projects with the principles that they provide more homes for a mix of incomes, be accessible to transit with good walking and biking options, and provide good environmental sustainability and design. 

The developer of this redevelopment proposal, EYA, has sought input from neighboring communities and environmental groups throughout this process and has continued to fine-tune its design to address concerns and provide a quality proposal. The result is a well-designed walkable community that will provide new homes, including affordable units, with access to transit, improved bike/ped connections, enhanced stormwater management, open space, and tree preservation.  

Housing: More housing in the County is desperately needed as the shortage of homes is causing significant affordability issues. The proposal to redevelop the Top Golf site will deliver 174 single-family townhomes plus 18 committed affordable units. These units will be for sale providing needed home ownership opportunities for a mix of incomes. 

Transportation: With a bus stop immediately adjacent to the site, the new homes will be served by major bus corridors on Van Dorn and Franconia roads with direct routes to the Van Dorn Metro station. The site is directly across from the Kingstowne Shopping Center making it walkable to shopping, restaurants, and other services. Plans also include a 10-foot shared-use path along the property’s Van Dorn frontage. 

Stormwater Improvements: The current site is overwhelmingly impervious, including a concrete pad under the turf of the golf range with minimal stormwater management. As part of this redevelopment, EYA will be providing enhanced stormwater management over current conditions and will be managing stormwater from adjacent subdivisions as well. The water will not run into Huntley Meadows but instead be metered out into Dogue Creek below the park.

Parks and Open Space: The proposal has been thoughtfully designed to preserve and improve an existing tree buffer along the northern, western, and southern borders of the property. Plans also include a 1 acre publicly accessible public park and additional amenities. 

The current proposal by EYA is superior to the by-right housing that might otherwise be built and will achieve far more community benefits. This proposal will provide much needed housing in a walkable community with access to transit and offers enhanced environmental design and open space. We ask that you approve the plan amendment.    

Thank you for your consideration of our comments. 

Sonya Breehey
Coalition for Smarter Growth

Jill Norcross
Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance

Mary Paden
South County Task Force

Yvette White
Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling

Kevin O’Brien
Washington Area Bicyclist Association

Renee Grebe
Nature Forward

Joshua Booth