DC Comprehensive Plan

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Since DC adopted the Comprehensive Plan Amendments Act of 2020 in May 2021, we’ve been working with our partners on implementation. We are ensuring that the Comp Plan lives up to its goals: prioritizing affordable housing, preventing displacement, equitable distribution of affordable housing opportunities, and using a racial equity lens for all land use decisions.

The District of Columbia’s Comprehensive Plan is the city’s long-term framework for land use. The Comp Plan guides the physical development of the city by managing the built environment, which includes everything from roads, sewers, and sidewalks to apartment buildings, parks, and schools. It also establishes goals, policies, and action items to manage growth in the District, including both citywide and neighborhood-specific sections. It is updated every several years to reflect the changing realities of the city.

Since 2016, the DC Office of Planning has been updating the Comprehensive Plan, and the Coalition for Smarter Growth has proposed a series of amendments designed to further our vision for an inclusive, walkable, and transit-oriented city. As the Office of Planning sends the proposed amended document to the DC Council, we continue to advocate for this vision.


Latest Happenings

DC Comp Plan Testimony Workshop Materials

DC Comp Plan Testimony Workshop Materials

DC Housing Priorities Coalition provided a testimony workshop for the DC Comp Plan on October 27 in preparation of the DC Council hearing on the Comp Plan scheduled for Nov. 12 and 13, 2020. Testimony Tips and Tricks (Comp Plan)Download Alternative-Comp-Plan-Framing-HPC-Talking-Points-1Download YouTube Recording of 10/27/20 Testimony Workshop What is the
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Housing Priorities Coalition

The Housing Priorities Coalition is: Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED) 🞄 Coalition for Smarter Growth 🞄 DC Fiscal Policy Institute 🞄 Enterprise Community Partners 🞄 Greater Greater Washington 🞄 Housing Association of Nonprofit Developers (HAND) 🞄 Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) 🞄 Somerset Development 🞄 United Planning