Regional and Federal

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With over 5 million people, 8 congressional districts, 3 state-level governments, and 22 local jurisdictions, the Washington region certainly has its complexities, but it also has a rich history of working together through the regional Council of Governments (COG) and partnering on major projects like the Metro system. The Coalition for Smarter Growth has played a central role in promoting a more sustainable and equitable way for our region to grow via a network of walkable, inclusive transit-oriented communities (TOCs). Our 2002 Blueprint for a Better Region illustrated this approach, and led to the 2005 Reality Check visioning exercise, and the Council of Government’s (COG) 2010 Region Forward vision plan, and 2021 resolution to prioritize development at high-capacity transit stations.

Our Work in the Region

Winning dedicated operating funding for Metro: WMATA is facing a $750 million operating shortfall in FY25 due to a suspension of some local funding, inflation, and lower ridership. WMATA has found one-time cost savings but our local and state governments need to step up to fill the gap and provide dedicated funding. Without action, we’ll see massive service cuts, reduced access to jobs, and more traffic and pollution. Learn more >>>

Climate change and the regional Transportation Planning Board (TPB): We have just nine years to slash our greenhouse gas emissions and transportation is now our #1 source.  Our recent report shows electric vehicles will not be enough, transit-oriented communities are key to reducing emissions from driving. We are pressing regional officials to do more and move faster to shift funds from highways to transit and TOCs, both at COG’s Transportation Planning Board (TPB)  and at the Northern Virginia Regional Authority. Learn more >>>

Improving our Regional Transit Network: Having teamed with business allies in the MetroNow coalition in 2018 to win the first-ever dedicated funding for Metro, we are now working with MetroNow and other partners for Better Buses — more frequent, reliable and affordable, with improved networks and dedicated bus lanes, while continuing to press WMATA on safety, maintenance, transparency and communications. Learn more >>>

Latest Happenings

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So, while we very much appreciate the proposed commitment of $480 million in additional funding by the jurisdictions and the temporary lifting of the artificially constraining 3% cost cap, it has been our hope that the jurisdictions would do more and …

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We urge our elected leaders to do more to reduce and even close the entire gap. We all know that failure to close the entire gap will still mean some service cuts, fare hikes, impact on the workforce, and delays in …

Testimony: WMATA Board re FY25 Budget (MD)

We thank WMATA for its hard work to identify cost savings and efficiencies to reduce the $750 million operating budget gap. We also thank the jurisdictions for proposing $480 million in additional operating funding for FY25. This includes the $150 million …

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