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TPB Board Comment, April 2024 Meeting

Today you will be briefed on the Visualize 2050 public comments received last month. The feedback form results show overwhelming disappointment with the Visualize 2050 process, its many road widening projects, and voice support for a plan that instead strives to achieve our climate and other goals for walkable, transit-friendly affordable communities.

Comments on TPB’s January 2024 meeting

On your agenda today are two items where you can make more progress and ensure that you are meeting the very laudable commitments that you set. I will note another item on the agenda is the resilience work that TPB is doing which has been really outstanding and we look forward to seeing more of the results.

RELEASE: Visualize 2050 public comments (Dec 2023)

RELEASE: Visualize 2050 public comments (Dec 2023)

“According to the TPB staff summary, the ‘overarching themes’ of the almost 1,000 comments submitted by the public on proposed regional transportation projects were ‘strong positive sentiment’ toward rail, bus, walking and biking projects and ‘strong negative sentiment towards roadway widening and expansion projects.’ We’ve seen this pattern over the years on various TPB plans, with the public repeatedly calling for a shift in spending priorities to emphasize walking, biking, transit and investments to meet safety and climate goals,” said Bill Pugh, AICP, Senior Policy Fellow for CSG. 

Joint WABA-CSG letter on Increasing Road Fatalities and Visualize 2050

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) and the Coalition for Smarter Growth (CSG) – two of the region’s leading advocates for walkable, bikeable, inclusive, and transit-oriented communities – respectfully write to provide comment on the ongoing and disturbing traffic fatality and serious injury trends highlighted by TPB staff in their draft Annual Regional Transit and Highway Safety Targets report and presentation. 

TPB Nov 2023 Board Comments

We ask TPB members to make safety investments for vulnerable road users a higher priority in your Visualize 2050 project submissions and in your local plans, budgets, and project designs. Please see our joint letter with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association in the meeting packet. 

State Carbon Reduction Strategies need to incorporate TPB climate goals, findings & strategies

At the Oct. 18 TPB meeting, state DOT’s will brief you on their draft Carbon Reduction Strategies. The states are required to consult with TPB on these plans before they submit them to the federal government next month. The Coalition for Smarter Growth encourages TPB members to closely review and provide feedback on these strategies. 

TAKE ACTION: Tell your elected officials which projects to delete and which to add

Our region’s road building isn’t reducing traffic. In fact, it’s fueling more spread-out development (sprawl) and even more driving and traffic. The regional long-range transportation plan includes 900 more lane-miles in proposed road expansion! 

But you have a chance now to speak out against wasteful road expansion and FOR smart growth, with better transit, safer streets for walking and biking, and also better maintaining the roads we’ve already built to handle climate change. With so much at stake, including our regional goals for climate, equity, safety and reducing sprawl, your voice is critical.

CODE RED: A Call to Action for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

CODE RED: A Call to Action for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

With the approach of your annual retreat this week in Cambridge, Maryland, our 41 organizations in Maryland, DC, and Virginia call on you to take urgent action to address the great challenges of our times – climate change, housing, racial and economic inequity, sprawl and unsustainable transportation policies.