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CSG News: What a celebration!

Thank you to all of our supporters, volunteers, and sponsors for a great Livable Communities reception! It was wonderful to see so many old friends, meet new friends, and celebrate Mayor Justin Wilson and our Community Hero awardees – Bernard Holloway, Kyle Reeder, Tina Slater, Michelle Krocker, and Kim Hosen. Check out the pictures from the event, taken by Hugh Kenny of the Piedmont Environmental Council.

Fairfax and Arlington County 2023 Election Resources

The Democratic primary for both Fairfax and Arlington Counties is coming up on June 20th! The general election will be November 5th. Make sure you have the latest resources* on where the candidates stand on all things smart growth and a plan to vote! Please note that while our candidate questionnaires focus on County Board candidates, there are also candidates for State Senate, House of Delegates, Commonwealth Attorney and Sheriff on the ballot.

Letter: Urgent action needed on traffic violence in Washington, D.C

D.C. committed to Vision Zero in 2015, envisioning a future where there will be zero
serious injuries or fatalities on its streets. This would of course be a major public health and equity accomplishment. Beyond avoiding tragic traffic deaths, safe streets
would likely induce further uptake of walking, cycling, and alternative modes of transit, thus creating many other benefits via reduced air emissions and increased exercise.
Unfortunately, traffic deaths in D.C. have been steadily increasing
rather than decreasing.

This is the result of a failure to pursue reckless drivers, as described
above, as well as other breakdowns in governance, such as the failure to use the results of commissioned safety studies to establish priorities for infrastructure projects.

We urge you to pursue the following actions at the legislative and executive levels in order to reduce risks from traffic violence while enhancing economic and racial equity.