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CSG testimony to Prince George’s House Delegation for 2024 session

Overall, CSG urges the delegation to act through legislation, administrative oversight, and budget oversight to prioritize transit, and redirect highway capacity expansion projects to sustainable multimodal transportation solutions. We also urge support for Rental Housing Works to ensure Prince George’s has the resources it needs for its robust affordable housing program.

Testimony: Support for bills voiding exclusionary covenants (B25-480, 482, 481)

We wish to express our support for B25-480, B25-482, and B25-481. We commend Councilmember Frumin and the other co-sponsors for bringing this legislation forward. This legislation advances the immediate goal of clearing obstacles to adding approximately 100 units of affordable housing for households earning 30-80 percent median family income to the Chevy Chase library site. Our affordable housing goals for the site is part of a shared statement with Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) and Ward3Vision. 

CSG in the News: Montgomery County Council bill would loosen parking requirements for new housing developments

“Removing mandatory parking minimums in locations with great access to transit is a common-sense fix,” said Carrie Kisicki, Montgomery Advocacy Manager for the Coalition for Smarter Growth. “It complements our county’s investments in more frequent transit, protected bike lanes and bike sharing, and safer walking throughout the county.”

CSG in the News: Montgomery County leaders want to change parking rules, reduce driving

“Parking can be a shockingly large expense, and that expense gets passed on to residents in higher rents,” said Carrie Kisicki, the Montgomery advocacy manager for the Coalition for Smarter Growth, an advocacy group that pushes for affordable housing, better public transit and safe streets in the greater Washington region.

Testimony: Alexandria Zoning for Housing

We strongly support adoption of all eight Zoning for Housing proposals including the proposed zoning text amendments, housing master plan updates, and city policy updates. The city is to be credited for its extensive public engagement and the staff are to be credited for their detailed analysis of where the zoning code, plans and policies can be modified. In the end this is a modest package but one which will help to address the housing crisis. 

CSG Testimony in Support of Providence Hospital redevelopment

CSG Testimony in Support of Providence Hospital redevelopment

September 29, 2023

Attorney General Brian Schwalb, District of Columbia 

400 6th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001

RE: Providence Hospital – Support for mixed income housing and parks at former hospital site

Dear Attorney General Schwab::

Please accept this letter on behalf of the Coalition for Smarter Growth (CSG). CSG is the leading non-profit organization in the Washington, D.C. region, including DC and suburban Maryland, dedicated to making the case for smart growth. Our mission is to promote walkable, inclusive, and transit-oriented communities, and the land use and transportation policies and investments needed to make those communities flourish.

We are writing to express our support for the proposed sale and redevelopment of the Providence Hospital site. We support the re-purposing of the now closed Providence Hospital with mixed income housing, parks and other amenities. 

Specifically, we support the preliminary redevelopment plans for the 22-acre site to build about 450 townhouses and apartments. We are especially supportive of at least 20 percent of these homes as affordable, including family-sized townhouses. This would total about 90 rental and ownership affordable homes. 

The development agreement exchanges the value of land for the high cost of demolition of the nine-story hospital building, with additional subsidies anticipated for the affordable homes. This is a reasonable agreement for the addition of affordable, mixed income homes at this site, along with community amenities. 

The proposed redevelopment will provide a mix of greenspaces and playspace, along with other community benefits. This mix of new homes and greenspaces is well-located between the Fort Totten and Brookland Metro stations, and other public amenities like Turkey Thicket and many schools. 

We look forward to supporting the refinement of this proposal as it advances through the development review process. 

Thank you for your consideration.  


Cheryl Cort, Policy Director

CSG Support for Connecticut Avenue Development Guidelines

We are pleased to express our support for the revised Development Guidelines for the commercial areas on Connecticut Avenue in the Cleveland Park and Woodley Park Historic Districts. The revised Development Guidelines will help us meet the Comprehensive Plan goals of increasing housing, and improving the mix of uses, while ensuring building forms that integrate with the historic districts and foster a people-friendly streetscape around the Cleveland Park and Woodley Park Metro stations.