Category: District of Columbia

TAKE ACTION: Make Connecticut Ave safer now!

Following a horrific crash, our partners at Cleveland Park Smart Growth are urging DDOT to limit Connecticut Ave to four lanes and reinstate parking during rush hour, until the street is redesigned with protected bike lanes. The city hasn’t acted since ANC 3C passed a resolution last year urging DDOT to reinstate rush-hour parking to make the street safer.

Event Materials: Redesigning Pennsylvania Avenue

Check out the event recording and presentation materials! Doug Davies (Director Planning + Design) and Kevin Keeley (Senior Planner) of VHB presented their projects for Penn Avenue West and Penn Ave Southeast, exploring the very different designs and challenges along the same corridor.

TESTIMONY: DMPED 2022-2023 Performance Oversight Hearing

The ANC 3/4G Task Force on Racism’s number one housing recommendation is to build dedicated affordable and workforce housing above the Chevy Chase community center and library. We agree that all these community plans and recommendations are correct — to achieve the city’s goals to address racial equity and create housing equity, we must make the most of the Chevy Chase civic site for affordable housing as we deliver a new library, community center, and public outdoor spaces.

TESTIMONY: Chevy Chase Civic Site Public Surplus Hearing

We wish to express our support for the surplusing of the development and use rights of the Chevy Chase Civic site in order to “redevelop the community center and library into a multi-purpose civic core with state-of-the-art public facilities and mixed-income housing.”

TESTIMONY: Support for 310 mixed income homes in Friendship Heights DC, Case No. 96-13A

We wish to express our support for Case No. 96-13A. The applicant proposes to redevelop the existing building used for retail, into a 12-story, 130-foot mixed-use building consisting of ground floor retail space and approximately 310 rental apartments.

COMMENTS: Serious concerns about the K Street Transitway

We are enthusiastic supporters of your bold bus priority program, and the vision for the K Street Transitway project that you shared in 2019. However, we wish to express our great concern about the changes to the K Street Transitway design reflected in the semi-final 65% design stage.