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[box][featured]GreenPlace helps people understand how living at new transit-oriented housing will reduce traffic, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and foster healthier, active living by measuring vehicle miles traveled (VMT), parking, and transportation demand management (TDM).

So far, five projects have been certified under GreenPlace, but it is still in its pilot phase.

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What makes GreenPlace so great?

A GreenPlace certification quantifies the transportation and environmental benefits of transit-accessible housing in walkable neighborhoods and can help decision-makers, developers, and neighbors work together to support healthy, low-traffic, low-pollution living. GreenPlace certified housing has these benefits:

  • Environment: significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the leading cause climate change
  • Traffic: significantly reduce the average daily miles driven by residents, and associated traffic
  • Transit: provide traffic reduction strategies to residents so they will walk, bicycle and ride transit more
  • Health: point to the health benefits of creating more places to live in neighborhoods where residents can use active transportation for many or most of their trips.

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GreenPlace certified projects:

GreenPlace projects are assessed by looking at their location, number of units, available transit service, parking supply, affordable housing supply, traffic reducing strategies, like transit passes and Bikeshare and Carshare memberships.

These five pilot projects have already been certified through the GreenPlace program.

  • Blagden Alley, 90-91 Blagden Alley, Washington, DC
  • Patterson House, 15 Dupont Circle, Washington, DC
  • Rhode Island Center, 680 Rhode Island Avenue NE, Washington, DC
  • The Conway Residence, 1005 North Capitol Street NE, Washington, DC
  • Takoma Connected, 327 Cedar Street NW, Washington, DC